Matt Parry began his tenure as part of the MSA's elite Team UK squad by taking part in a training exercise in the French Alps which combined classroom sessions with physical activities high in the mountains.

The ground-breaking high performance ‘workshop’ aimed to equip the partaking drivers with career-enhancing knowledge and skills and comprised an array of physical and mental activities designed to take them on a journey of self-discovery and understanding, helping them to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses.

The four-day session featured a variety of challenges - including climbing, abseiling, orienteering and igloo-building - alongside in-depth review and analysis sessions with MSA coaches, and Parry confirmed that he had benefited from the experience.

“I’ve come up through every level of the MSA Academy and, having been able to get a taste of Team UK in the past, I understood how advanced the programme was - but this exceeded all my expectations,” he admitted, “As a driver, you have a ‘toolbox’ and, throughout the four days, I was definitely able to add more tools that I can use to progress higher up the motor sport ladder.”


Article created by Craig Llewellyn.